Poll: Should Insurance Companies Insist on More Training to Reduce Accidents?


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  1. Wrong training will only get more wrong results. Training isn’t the problem.
    I’ve identified training that is getting people killed. It is hard to change old habits.
    IIMC is a real killer, and everyone I ask says they would do a 180 if they went IIMC. That is a terrible idea and is killing people. Prpper training is the only thing that will stop these accidents.

  2. As a pilot, I feel that it is ultimately up to the pilot to increase his own skills and abilities that focus on safe operation and good airmanship.

    Insurance companies would shut the whole activity down if they could

  3. Insurance policies require that the owner/operator of an aircraft follow ALL FAA regulations (read your policy sometime). If you have an expired medical, bi-annual, Annual Inspection or any other regulatory requirement the insurance company is not obligated to pay after an accident. Many insurers are giving discounts to Pilots that participate in WINGS programs and/or SMS. They have been for years.