Poll: Is NBAA Right To Require COVID-19 Vaccination For BACE?


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  1. The problem is we have been lied to so many times by the politician, our government and the media that there is no credibility. I have read a ton of stuff on the so called vaccine from numerous sources and I cannot tell you whether to trust it or not. One thing I do know is I have a natural immune system and at this point I trust it more than the vaccine. And I am not a high risk ticking time bomb and have very little exposure to crowds.
    What makes it even worse is when the information starts getting censored so that makes me trust our government even less.

  2. What about people with natural immunity from having the virus and recovering from it, like 99% of all people do? I had Covid 18 months ago, not a pleasant experience, it took 2 months to fully recover, but didn’t need any medical intervention. Since then, I have not been sick a day with anything, and I have been to several “superspreader events”, with no effect. Yet a couple of my friends who were vaccinated have comedown with Covid and recovered easily. My natural immunity is better than the vaccine and I will not take it based on “political science” rather than real science.

  3. Let NBAA put on any restrictions they want–it’s THEIR convention.

    On the other side of the coin, it’s OUR right to choose NOT to attend–and if enough people decide they don’t want to go, it will affect the advertisers and booth-buyers that form the main of NBAAs financing.

    Let “The invisible hand of Adam Smith” work–if people displaying at NBAA don’t have people viewing and buying their products, NBAA will suffer–and when organizations suffer, they change or die.

    I’m vaccinated, but won’t be attending–in part because of the “mandate.”

  4. The number of “yes” answers demonstrate how little the public knows about the covid-19 “vaccine”. First let me say that I’m not anti-vaccine. There are some wonderfully effective vaccines available but the covid-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, it is a gene therapy that causes your muscles to partially manufacture an inoculation against the virus. The covid-19 gene therapy shot is only 39% effective in preventing a person from contracting covid-19. The covid-19 gene therapy shot will NOT prevent people from spreading covid-19. In fact, people who have the shot can be super spreaders AND can spread a variant of the virus. The source of this information is from the CDC, Dr. Malone the inventor of the mRNA delivery technology and former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon.

    • Whatever the “vaccine” is or is not, people are dying because they refuse to get it. Maybe all the dead anti-covid “vaccine” people should will the Darwin Award this year.

    • https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210719/covid-19-vaccines-not-gene-therapy
      “For the vaccines to alter a person’s genes, Offit explains, the mRNA instructions would have to enter the cell’s control center, the nucleus. The nucleus is walled off from the rest of the cell by its own membrane. To get past that membrane, the mRNA would have to have an enzyme called a nuclear access signal, Offit says, “which it doesn’t have.””

      So, it is NOT gene therapy.